Clinic Announcements

   medizin-0117  FLU SHOTS AVAILABLE

Flu shots are still available and encouraged for all patients!  The shots are available between 8am – 5pm daily without appointment.  Please note that the office is closed between the hours of 12:30pm – 2pm for staff meetings, hospital rounds and lunch.


medizin-0099        SEASONAL ALLERGIES

Our clinic administers blood environmental and food allergy testing and shots.  Please call for an appointment for testing.




Please allow 24 hours for prescription refills.  Also, pain medication prescription cannot be refilled by the on call physician on weekends.  Please call during regular office hours for refills for most medications.


Many changes are occurring with healthcare and insurance.  Check with your insurance company and be aware of these changes.  Also, many policies now include wellness benefits covering all or a part of an annual physical.  Schedule your annual physical and take advantage of this opportunity to stay healthy!